It's time to take control over the most essential products in our lives. They link us to our health, our family and our community. These are products that we should love, not loathe.

SK collaborated with Prota Studios' and Peppermint’s teams leading engineering and working on the product development strategy, building and validating key proof-of-concept and visual prototypes. Peppermint was founded by a passionate team of people who were frustrated by the lack of empathy encountered in searches for mobility products. Everyone should be able to present themselves to the world with self confidence. There are endless choices in more traditional consumer categories such as eye glasses, strollers, mattresses and footwear, and when our mobility needs evolve, we should have choices there too. Choices to present ourselves on our own terms, with products that allow us to celebrate our individuality and embrace whatever season of life we find ourselves in. Learn more about the device at

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